Our Beliefs


Statement of Fundamental Truths


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official website for more detailed information and Scripture references.

  1. The Bible is Inspired
  2. There is One True God
  3. The Lord Jesus Christ Is Fully God
  4. The Fall of Mankind
  5. The Salvation of Mankind
  6. The Ordinances of the Church
  7. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  8. The Initial Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  9. The act of Separating Ourselves through Sanctification
  10. The Church and Its Mission
  11. The Ministry
  12. The doctrine of Divine Healing
  13. The Blessed Hope – The Rapture of the Church
  14. The Millennial Reign of Christ
  15. The Final Judgment
  16. The New Heavens and the New Earth


Our Mission at First Assembly of God is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in our generation  through the following steps of faith. 
1.  Calling people to follow God.
Our  worship service is designated  for you to  meet  the Lord in prayer, song and study of His Word.  The first calling of every believer is to  follow Jesus as His disciple.   When we follow Jesus there is a law of mutual benefit that takes place.  Jesus promised to mold and make our lives to where we are His witnesses on earth. 
2.  Calling Christians to connect with the body of Christ.
We believe it is essential for your discipleship to be connected with the body in fellowship.  The church of Jesus Christ is a family united through our faith.   Connecting with our church members helps you grow in the grace and love of God.  We like to say, “you need the church and the church needs you.”   God’s law of mutual benefit happens with you connect with church members. 
3. Calling our body to live by commission in service.
The Kingdom of God is rooted in God who loves enough to serve us.  Jesus is our example  of commission and service for us to follow.   We are called live by commission in service over complacency.  The members of First Assembly strive to grow in loving service to God and another and world.