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In this message Pastor Caswell will speak about the prophecies and ministry of John and Jesus.
In this video Pastor Randy and Jim Pranger will discuss the joy worshipers have entering into Jerusalem on their way to the house of God. As Christians, we are on a similar journey on our way to the New Jerusalem.
In this message Pastor Randy will speak about the miracle of our resurrection.
In this Bible study – Pastor Randy and Brother Jim will discuss the miracle of Jesus feeding 5000 men and their families. They will discuss the lesson Jesus is teaching His disciples.
In this message Pastor Randy will teach on miracles from the sanctuary of First Assembly.
In this message Pastor Randy and Brother Jim will look at the miracle of Capernaum. The paralytic man was forgiven and healed. Pastor and Jim will discuss the miracle of forgiveness.
In this message Pastor Randy and Brother Jim Pranger discuss the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
Today I interview Bethany Caswell. Bethany grew up at First Assembly and recently graduated from Oral Roberts University. Bethany has not seen many of our people since Covid has hit. I thought you might enjoy hearing from her. The speaker for the graduation was Dr. John Maxwell. Dr. Maxwell is a former pastor and leadership expert. His message is very powerful and loaded with wisdom. I would like for you to watch and let Dr. Maxwell’s message soak in your spirit.

In this message Pastor and Jim Pranger will look at the time when David numbered the fighting men of Israel. We will find that our Lord wants us to live weak in dependence upon Him so we can receive His power that gives us His strength and power for all things.
In this message Pastor and Jim Pranger will discuss the fruit of the resurrection.
Pastor Randy and Brother Jim Pranger will discuss the Passover meal Jesus observed with His disciples. Through the meal- Jesus presents His covenant of grace that is fulfilled by His death on the cross.

In this message Pastor and Brother Jim Pranger will study the triumphal entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem.

In this message Pastor and Jim Pranger look at the disaster that happens when David bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. In this message you will find that God has a prescribed order of worship that we must follow. The prescribed order is faith to follow Jesus of Nazareth as their Savior and Lord.

In the message Pastor Randy and Brother Jim Pranger study King David leading Israel back to the Lord. Under the leadership of David, Israel experiences a great awaking.

In the message Pastor Randy and Jim Pranger will look at the friendship between David and Jonathan. This study will show the value and necessity of Christian brotherhood given to us by the Lord. As we go through life we will walk through stressful situations. During these times of trouble God will give us a Christian brother to strengthen your soul through the trial. Jonathan was that man for David. This message shows why making Christian friends is important and essential. Scripture Text: 1 Samuel 18-23, 2 Samuel 9
Before David was anointed by the prophet Samuel to be the second King of Israel King Saul was told by Samuel that the Kingdom will be ripped out of his hands. This proclamation was rooted in Saul’s mind so he watched for the next anointed man to the be raised up by God. David was this man and Saul was taking note of God’s hand on him. Hearing the songs of praise about him and David changes everything in their relationship. The king David respects and honors becomes the man who wants to murder him. Join us today with my guest, Jim Pranger, as we find out why God regretted making and rejected Saul as King of Israel.
In this message Pastor will look at the life of one of the great men of God.
Did you know that the early church was shocked when they found out that gentiles could be saved? Their belief was that salvation was for the Jews and them only. In this message Pastor walks through the revelation to Peter and God’s plan to redeem both Jew and Gentile. You need to hear this message. Jesus told his disciples that their is another flock that He needs to bring in (John 10). The flock He was speaking to was a mystery to them and now it will be revealed in Acts 9-10. Jesus said this other flock will listen to Him also. Who is that flock Jesus spoke about? That flock is you and I – the Gentile believers.

In this message Pastor Caswell will examine the ministry of the Holy Spirit in Paul’s life. Through this message we will learn to listen and walk with the Spirit of God.

Jesus told His disciples that He has another flock that they know not of (John 10). Jesus said, “I must bring them in.” The flock that Jesus was speaking about is the gentile church. He was revealing His plan to redeem all of mankind, if they will listen, believe, and follow Him. At the time His disciples did not understand that the other flock was the gentile people. The Apostle Peter will receive this revelation in Acts 10. Today we will look at Jesus beginning to bring this other flock to Him. He will do it by redeeming Saul of Tarsus and commission him as His apostle to the gentile people and nations. Paul will stand before Kings and preach to gentiles everywhere. The people receive the message and follow Jesus of Nazareth. Another flock is birthed by the commission of Jesus through the ministry of Paul.
Today Pastor will study the calling of the Apostle Paul. We will see God’s divine plan to welcome all into the Kingdom of God. There was a time when the Church believed that the Kingdom of God was only for Israel. Through Paul the heathen will hear the Gospel of righteousness.
In this video Pastor will take a few moments to speak about Covid 19 and the coming certification of the electoral college. Join him in prayer for our nation.
After prayer, we will look at the next mighty mans conversion – Saul of Tarsus. Saul would change his name to Paul and God will use him to explain the grace covenant provided by Jesus. At his conversion Paul is commissioned to suffer much and take the Gospel to the gentile nations.
In this message Pastor Caswell will look at the three promises of God fulfilled through the birth of Jesus Christ.
In this message Pastor will continue to teach on the life of the Apostle John. There are many people who claim to know God. John reveals God’s test for knowing him.
Scripture: 1 John 1:1-4, 2:3-11
In this video Pastor Randy will look at the life of Mary and Martha as they follow Jesus. We will observe their worship and service to the Lord.
In this message Pastor Randy will look at the life of Mary Magdalene. The New Testament speaks about this follower of Christ twelve times. The Scripture records more about Mary than most of Jesus’ disciples. We will take time to look at this incredible follower of Jesus Christ.
When you serve the Lord there will come a time when you fail Him. The weight of your failure crashing upon you and you can lose your faith to follow Jesus.
That is what happened to Jesus’ right hand disciple, Peter. He denied his Lord three times in one evening. Peter knew better and should not of failed, but he did.
Have you been there? I have. In this message we will look at the restorative act of Jesus and Peter’s faith to follow Him after his failure. Watch, listen, and let this message go deep into your spirit and mind. There is a message you need to hear and understand, failure is not final when you have faith to follow Jesus.
In this message Pastor continues to look at the Mighty Men and Women of the Messiah. In this message he will look at the calling of Jesus first disciple – Simon Peter. Pastor Randy will look at Peter’s faith to follow Jesus.
In this message Pastor looks at the time when John the Baptist began to doubt that Jesus was the Messiah. John was beginning to lose faith in Jesus because He was not doing what John believed Jesus should be doing. There will be a time when we are disappointed when God doesn’t do something we believe He should do. Pastor Randy will share what we should do when this happens.
n this message Pastor Caswell will continue to examine the ministry of John the Baptist.
Text: Matthew 3
Note: I had trouble with my computer this week, so this video does not have the graphics and scripture loaded. You will need your Bible.
In this message Pastor will begin to tell the story of John the Baptist and his mission to reveal the gospel of grace that will come through the Messiah – Jesus.
Pastor Randy shares with First Assembly’s about our opportunity give a Thanksgiving Meal for our local Kankakee Police Department. This is our opportunity to share our appreciation for their service to our community.

In this video, Pastor will speak about the men and women involved in the ministry of Jesus Christ. As David had his mighty men so did the Messiah -Jesus. In this series we will look at the characteristics of the mighty men and women of the Messiah. We will examine their lives and glean wisdom for our growth as a follower of Jesus. The people we included in this series. 1. John- The forerunner of Jesus. 2. Peter 3. John -the beloved. 4. Mary the mother of Jesus. 5. Mary and Martha 6. Mary Magdalene 7. Paul – the Apostle to the gentiles.
In this message Pastor will look at the value of the Word of God in our life. In Psalms 119, King David lays out the value of the Word of God to him. This message will strengthen your desire to study and apply God’s word to your life. This message also has a testimony of what the word of God can do in a persons life. You will be blessed by Micah Wilders testimony. Micah was a Mormon missionary and while on his mission he was challenged to read the NT as a child. Micah took up the challenge and God revealed Himself to him.
In this message Pastor Randy leads us to remember the Lord’s passion through communion.

In this message Pastor Caswell speaks about the warning Jesus gives those who call Him Lord of their life. There will be many condemned to Hell that believe they are going to be with God in Heaven. Pastor Randy speaks of Jesus’ warning so we can make sure that we enter the Kingdom of God.
In this message Pastor looks at the crossing of the sea of Galilee. It was just a regular day when a storm was about to swamp the boat and take all to the bottom of the sea. He will teach the way Jesus expects His disciples to walk through the real storms of life. America has been facing a huge storm in 2020. 1. Covid 19. 2. Economy – Businesses closed across the nation. 3. Riots in our cities. 4. Presidential election. We are living in stressful times. How should we handle the storms that come our way? Jesus directs us and we will study His teachings today.
In the message pastor Randy will teach on the value and importance of participating in the Church.
Pastor Randy will teach how we know and understand the ways and will of God for our life.

Knowing God Series – Message 3 How to find satisfaction. August 2, 2020

In this message Pastor Randy looks at the life of King Solomon. He was successful in life but he hated his life. Solomon reveals the necessity of having a strong relationship with God.

In this message Pastor Caswell calls for personal repentance and corporate prayer for our nation. This is a message every American Christian should hear.

In this video Pastor looks back at the founding of our nation and what our founding Father’s dependence on God and direction for our nation. We have moved away from their direction and this nation is in peril because of it. Please watch this video. It gives you information you need to know about our nation. We also have special patriotic music.


June 28, 2020 In this message pastor Caswell looks at the two question asked to Peter by the bystanders on the day of Pentecost.
Today Pastor Randy gives Biblical advice for parents. This also includes the Hymn – Victory in Jesus.

Sermon’s and Information from Pastor Randy

In this video Pastor Randy speaks about the value of being part of the body of Christ. He will teach the responsibility God places on believers to participating in the body of Jesus Christ. I believe this message will give direction and help you grow in intimacy with the Lord.