Knowing God Series – Message 3 How to find satisfaction. August 2, 2020

In this message Pastor Randy looks at the life of King Solomon. He was successful in life but he hated his life. Solomon reveals the necessity of having a strong relationship with God.

In this message Pastor Caswell calls for personal repentance and corporate prayer for our nation. This is a message every American Christian should hear.

In this video Pastor looks back at the founding of our nation and what our founding Father’s dependence on God and direction for our nation. We have moved away from their direction and this nation is in peril because of it. Please watch this video. It gives you information you need to know about our nation. We also have special patriotic music.


June 28, 2020 In this message pastor Caswell looks at the two question asked to Peter by the bystanders on the day of Pentecost.
Today Pastor Randy gives Biblical advice for parents. This also includes the Hymn – Victory in Jesus.

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